• FCF
    Private Equity I

    FCF, Private Equity Fund I, has managed resources exclusively originating from the family owned Gruppo Riello.

    The Family Company Fund, with €35m assets under management, has completed 7 acquisitions of small to medium enterprises.

    Family Company Fund has been liquidated in 2007.

    Main Operations

  • GATE
    Private Equity II

    In 2008, Riello Investimenti Partners SGR launched GATE, the Private Equity Fund II, ruled by Banca di Italia and underwritten by institutional investors and industrial groups.

    The fund, with €65m capital commitment, has completed 6 investments in the period between 2008-2013. Targeted sectors were widely diversified and uncorrelated from the negative economic trend of the global crisis, resulting in a consistent performance.

    The GATE fund is currently in liquidation.

    Main Operations

    Private Debt I

    The debt fund Impresa Italia was launched in 2016 as one of the first in Italy, with €70m assets under management. The fund invests in structured debt instruments, the minibonds, issued by Italian SMEs. Between 2016-2020 the fund completed 17 deals.

    It's investors are predominantly institutional investors.

    Impresa Italia Fund is currently active, but subscription period is concluded.

    Main Operations

    Private Equity III

    Private Equity Fund III, Italian Strategy has 117 Mio Asset under Management, raised from high net worth individuals and leading institutional investors: Pension funds, Foundations, including investors that have previously underwritten funds managed by Riello Partners Sgr.

    Italian Strategy is focused on majority stake or qualified minority investments in outstanding companies, with great value generation potential, active in traditional “Made in Italy” sectors.

    As of November 30th 2023, the portfolio includes 7 investmentents, including 1 exit.

    Italian Strategy Fund is currently active, but subscription period is concluded.

    Main Operations

    Private Debt

    Impresa Italia II is the second Private Debt fund managed by Riello Sgr, which continues the investment activity of Impresa Italia I with €74 million asset under management.
    The Fund invests in structured debt instruments, “minibonds” issued by Italian small and medium-sized enterprises to support their growth and the development of innovative projects.
    As of 30th November 2023, the investment portfolio includes 9 operations.Impresa Italia II is currently active, but subscription periodi is concluded.

    Main Operations