Organizational Structure



The 3 partners have been working together for over 20 years and have completed a wide range of deals in structured finance and investments in private equity, with a successful track record.

Our Private Equity and Private Debt investment teams boast consolidated and diversified skills, as well as a successful track record and the ability to operate with a "hands-on approach".

Other functions, such as Administration, Fund’s Back Office, Secretary, Commercial Development and External Relations are led by professional experts in the financial field, with extensive experience and know-how in their specialism.

Riello Investimenti Partners SGR Spa is an Asset Management Company registered with Bank of Italy as n. 93.

Nicola Riello
Luigi Terranova
CEO & Managing Partner
Andrea Tomaschù
CEO & Managing Partner
Graziella Capellini
Independent Director
Guido Pavan
Independent Director
Alberto Lampertico
Investment Director
Private Debt
Federica Loconsolo
Head of Institutional Investors & ESG
Marco Visini
Investment Director
Private Equity
Michele Bonomi
Senior Investment Manager
Giulio Marconi
Investment Manager
Elena Tibaldi
Head of Fund Administration
Gianfranco Buonomo
Investment Manager
Giovanni Fanini
Investment Manager
Mirco Spezzani
Investment Associate
Cristina De Marchi
Elisa Bellini
Office Manager Milano
Francesca Urbani
Office Manager Verona





In order to assist the Board of Directors, the SGR relies on the following controlling functions.

Daniele Bernardi

Presidente Collegio Sindacale

Fabio Monfardini

Sindaco Effettivo

Sandro Garrò

Sindaco Effettivo

PWC Italy - Milano

Guido Pavan


Assessment of the internal procedure alignment with the relevant laws and regulations, with particular focus on Anti Money Laundering compliance.

Enrico Ascari


Assessment of the Funds portfolio’s financial and operating risk.

Piergiorgio Pluviano


Audit on internal procedures, focused on evaluating and improving internal efficiency of the organization.

Graziella Capellini


Verification of compliance with personal data processing policies of the SGR.